Scouts logo Thursdays 7.30pm-9.30pm

Cartoon Scouts HikingYou can be a Scout between the ages of 10.5-14 years old and it is open to males and females. The Scout Troop nights can include guest speakers, team challenges, games, field trips and International awareness. We cover all aspects of Scout training such as camping skills, open fire safety, cooking outdoors, first aid, survival and hiking skills.

Each year we have a Summer camp for a week at either a Scout camp site or an International jamboree. Also through the year we have Weekend camps, survival exercises, day and night hikes and activity weekends. On top of all this are opportunities to take part in District Scout activities.


Below you can see what the uniform looks like and where badges are worn.

Diagram Showing Scout Uniform

The Scout Promise, Motto and Law

Scout Promise. Scout Motto. Be Prepared. Scout Law

You can download a PDF version of the uniform and promise and law.